AZA Annual Conference – 2021

Welcome all virtual attendees to this informal mockup of our action hub. We won’t be using for SAFE Shark and Ray program – this is just a placeholder until we can get our actual website in place.

Please give us any feedback here! The comments may not be published on the page, but I promise you we’ll read them all.

New Wildlife Conservation Committee Liaison

Welcome Julianne Passarelli, PhD to the SAFE Shark and Ray team! As Matt Seguin rolls off of the Wildlife Conservation Committee, Juli will be replacing Matt as our Wildlife Conservation Committee Liaison. Juli is the Education and Collections Curator at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. We look forward to her involvement in the program!

Ironing out the details on the website

This thing is still a work in progress. Kelli and I have been working hard to wrap our heads around the needs of our committee and what presentation of our SAFE program would work best.

This site was made in wordpress, which is relatively easy to use and offers a lot of functionality…not to mention a nice looking website.

Blood Project update

Beth can write a bunch about the blood project here. How it is going, what’s new, etc.

we can give all of the steering committee access here to submit blog posts, so we can all keep the site active and up to date together.