Call for Participation in the SAFE Shark and Ray Conservation Action Plan

From late 2015 to mid 2016, AZA SAFE worked with shark and ray conservation experts including representatives from the AZA shark and ray SSPs, US government agencies, AZA members and partners, conservation NGOs, and academic institutions to identify and prioritize conservation actions. A 3-year SAFE Conservation Action Plan was developed using SAFE’s collaborative conservation process to address conservation needs and includes projects that are aimed at achieving species and population sustainability.

The projects of the shark and ray Conservation Action Plan fall within four specific thematic areas including public action, policy and legislation, research, and Species Survival Plans®. Each project, designed to incorporate collaborator expertise to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, is comprised of detailed goals, actions, timelines, budgets. Each Project will be coordinated by an AZA member who will work to identify key Project Collaborators.

This Project Team will be responsible for refining the project actions as needed and for developing a corresponding 3-year budget and timeline. These resources will facilitate the Project Team in executing their conservation actions, achieving successes, and identifying future needs.

This Call for Participation in the SAFE Shark and Ray Conservation Action Plan is a living document. It is updated on a consistent basis to recognize Project Coordinators, Collaborators, and Funders. In addition, as Coordinators are identified and Project Teams begin implementing their projects, often project actions are revised and the scope of the suggested ideas for participation is expanded accordingly.

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